is it possible for a country to have economic growth without economic development?

  • Economic growth can be achieved as a linear expansion of an economy in which a greater number of economic actors replicate what they are doing as enterprises, , without changes in procedures (innovation) or business forms. For the reasons identified with social agreement and solidness they needed to yes; "develop the economy", yet they dismissed financial turn of events. Which they said was what was reproducing in huge urban areas; Wall Street business endeavors; and, Alexander Hamilton's arranged focused on program of creating makers. Undertakings that would (through specialized advancement) form the political economy into completely new regions through the logical undertaking.Economics is the study of various aspects of economic impact that affect the market at the micro or macro levels like the production of goods and services along with their distribution and consumption. It is part of various courses at school or college level due to its enormous application in professional life.they can take economics assignment help from EssayCorp which has the specialised faculty to complete the project, assignment or homework on behalf of the student.

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